During these two years I have served as the head of a group of care receivers, worked with care givers and acted in responsible charge of clients with respect to the management.  As such, I have had ample opportunity to observe the workings of Access. As such, I can evaluate the inner workings of Access. The running of an operation such as Access, has as you might suspect, many challenges. My observations is that Access has used these opportunities with considerable success. To cite only one parameter- all staff people are rated from 0-10, I would rate all of those of my experience in the upper half and and several at 8,9 and indeed 10. This is indeed an accomplishment not easily met. It is an example of the management of which I spoke. This is just one example of the importance of management to any organization. Access has met the challenge.   ~ M. Shore,  Sacramento CA


Access has been caring for my father for over two years. The caregivers have been so kind and caring. It is very reassuring for the family to know he is well cared for. Anytime there have been issues that need to be addressed, the Access staff has been very cooperative in finding a solution. As we needed additional care, they were prompt in getting it scheduled.  I greatly appreciate he staff and caregivers with Access and highly recommend them. - J. Gilley, Modesto CA


Access has provided me with professionalism, care and concern for several years. Preston Miller and his excellent staff are there for me- MKP