Welcome to Access Home Care!
Access Team Objective: to provide you and your loved ones with the highest quality of care, allowing your loved one to live to their optimal level while in the comfort of their own home.

Our unique collaborative team of Professional Home Care Specialists, consisting of a 24-hr R.N., 24-hr L.V.N., and a 24-hr M.S.W., aid in ensuring that we are well educated in our field and prepared for each and every aspect of our clients’ needs.

We realized that in order to accomplish the Access Team Objective, it requires communication, planning, implementation, and follow-up.

The right choice for Home Care is easy…all you need is Access.

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Access Home Care is a private duty home care provider.

We furnish compassionate caregivers that help our clients maintain their independence and dignity, despite their health, physical, and/or cognitive impairments, whether they be permanent or temporary.

Our structure is simple…we carefully identify skilled caregivers and pair them with our clients based on our clients’ and families’ needs.

Our implementation is strategic…our team is composed of individuals with the knowledge and practice to provide families with the security and assurance that their loved ones will be cared for like they are our own family.

Our Professional Home Care Specialists include the following highly skilled individuals, who are available 24-hrs/day:

  • R.N. (Registered Nurse)
  • L.V.N. (Licensed Vocational Nurse)
  • M.S.W. (Master of Social Work)

To ensure such an immense standard of care, Access abides by a strict code of ethics and exhibits consistent management follow-up visits, as a quality assurance measure, through our Geriatric Care program.

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Why choose Access

At Access Home Care, everyday we strive to continuously evolve with our clients’ every changing needs, in order to provide our clients with the best care for their needs. Take a look at what makes us stand out…

  • 24hr available M.S.W., R.N., and L.V.N. to assist you or your loved one
  • Caregivers appropriately trained for optimal skill sets
  • Available for weekend discharges, weekend start of care needs
  • Unannounced routine visits to our clients by an M.S.W., L.V.N. or R.N. to promote quality assurance
  • We offer more to our employees because we expect more from our employees

We understand what it takes to be successful in your home…we listen to our community, our caregivers, and ultimately our clients.

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Special Services

We provide services that include but not limited to:

Safety Supervision Housekeeping
•  Bathing Supervision •  Dusting
•  Walking/Transferring Assistance •  Changing Linens
•  Dementia & Alzheimer's Care •  Laundry
•  Fall Prevention •  Cleaning Bathrooms
Medication Management Transportation
•  Blood Pressure Monitoring •  Help to & From Doctor Appointments
•  Medication Compliance •  Grocery Shopping
•  Assisting with Medication Refills •  Social Events
  •  Activities
Planning & Preparing Meals  
•  Following a Prescribed Diet  
•  Meal Preparation  
Personal Care
•  Bathing Assistance
•  Showering Assistance
•  Personal Hygiene
•  Dressing
•  Grooming
•  Filing/Painting Fingernails
•  Skin Integrity Observation
•  Foot & Back Massage
•  Assisting with Exercising
•  Monitoring Vital Signs
•  Companionship
•  24 hour Bedside Care
•  Hospice Care Comfort Measures
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Geriatric care

Geriatric Care defines the advocacy of care and structure that we provide to our clients and their families. Our Professional Home Care Specialist will train our clients, their families, and other caregivers to adjust and cope with the challenges of aging, physical, and/or cognitive impairments by implementing the following:

  • Home Safety Evaluation
  • Wellness Check, which includes but is not limited to: Blood Pressure, Pulse, Respiratory, Diabetes, Skin Assessment, CHF, and Memory Care
  • Medication Management and Management
  • Routine Home Visits to ensure quality of care; home visits are unannounced to caregivers
  • Conducting Care-Planning Assessments to identify needs, problems, and eligibility for assistance
  • Screening, arranging, and monitoring in-home help and other services
  • Reviewing financial, legal, or medical issues
  • Offering referrals to specialists to avoid future complications and to conserve assets
  • Providing Crisis Intervention by acting as a liaison to families at a distance
  • Making sure everything is going well and alerting families of potential problems
  • Assisting with moving clients to or from a retirement complex, assisted living facility, rehabilitation facility, or skilled nursing home
  • Providing client and family education and advocacy
  • Offering counseling and support

Geriatric Care Management integrated Healthcare and Psychological Care with other needed services such as: housing, home care services, nutritional services, assistance with activities of daily living, socialization programs, as well as financial and legal planning (e.g., banking, trusts, living wills). A care plan tailored for specific circumstances is prepared after an individual assessment, and is continuously monitored and modified as needed.